The annual MoRCA Competion is the world's most accepting and coveted art and design competition.
It was created in retaliation to other competitions that are set up to profit from the artists who pay to enter them.
MoRCA is different. MoRCA is against artist exploitation. Pay artists now!

Entry requirements:
•Competion entry is open to all artists from all disciplines of all ages of all levels of expertise and in all locations
•Entry is free, please only enter once

•You will receive the official MoRCA Competion winners seal to use on your own website and social medias to promote that you are against artist exploitation
•You will receive the official MoRCA Competion winners printable certificate to hang on your wall and feel special
•You will be able to say you've won the MoRCA Competion in the year of your seal on your website bio

Thank you! Your art is valid and valuable.
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•Please feel free to spread the MoRCA message on your channels by sharing our winners seal
•Please do not violate the organiser's IP, you are not permitted to profit from the on-sale of the seal or certificate
•Your e-mail address will probably be used to sign up to the MoRCA Chair's very infrequent newsletter (Natalie Michelle Watson)
•If you'd rather not, you can unsubscribe after receiving the first newsletter
•Feel free to tag the MoRCA Chair on Instagram in your posts, @nataliemichellewatson


Current 2019 Competion Winners
(This list of winners is considered an official petition against artist exploitation)

Michelle Jarni
Meg Garrod
Sammy Rosero
Jessica Goldsmith
Misha aka Blanco Rabbit
Tegan Iversen
Ana Louro