Eco Friendly Policy

I have been operating different businesses since I was a teenager, and let me tell you, when I was 16 the state of the planet was the last thing on my mind. I'd been using my same suppliers for packaging materials for over a decade, and it was only recently that it occurred to me that I could be doing anything differently.

Actually, this great internal debate was sparked by the conglomerate supermarkets that banded together to put an end to single use plastic shopping bags (and make millions of dollars more in the process, I'm sure). Anyway, I have never been someone to just simply remember to bring a tote whenever I needed milk. I viewed my car as one big handbag, however getting my loose items from the cashier to the big metal handbag proved arduous, and thus I continually forked out $0.15 a pop on an 'eco friendly' plastic bag pretty much every time I went to get groceries.

Fifteen cents isn't a big deal to me. What is a big deal to me is the fact that I believed that if corporations were really so concerned with the wellbeing of Mother Earth, they would invest in eco friendly packaging at no extra cost to the consumer. Why should I have to carry a bag in my already tiny backpack filled with about nine lipsticks I seldom use and wads of tissues in various stages of decomposition?! It really didn't seem fair.

I married my wonderful husband in the summer of '19. Our honeymoon in Bali seemed like a dream, until I turned a corner on the beach and found the biggest stretch of literal rubbish I have ever seen in my life. I was shocked. Upon our return home, we bought a new bedroom suite with most of our wedding money. Our bed (lemme tell ya, it's a great bed) came with a slip of paper from the furniture company, informing us that their delivery guys would not be responsible for taking away all the packaging. No problem! We'd just fit it in our bin, right?

It took about two months to get rid of all that packaging. In the meantime I had purchased new printers, stock, and other things for my office that had come swaddled in styrofoam and the kind of plastic that scissors come in but you need scissors to open the scissors, which you don't have hence why you even bought the scissors in the first place. You know the kind.

Our courtyard looked like the local tip had taken a dump on our lawn and its owner didn't do anything about it.

I would look at the trash heap from my dining room window, as I sat and slipped my greeting cards into plastic sleeves. Plastic sleeves. PLASTIC. SLEEVES.

Oh good! Someone's ordered an enamel pin! How am I going to protect it? I know! Plasti- plastic sleeves? Really?

I'd spent so much energy complaining emphatically for months about the supermarkets charging us for bags whilst simultaneously packing five 'mini pears' into plastic wrap, complete with a plastic handle, that I didn't even think for a second how hypocritical I was being.

I told my dear Instagram followers about my plight, and asked if they had any suggestions on how I could best counteract my own plastic packaging so as to not contribute to trash piles on other peoples' lawns.

Since then I have made the following changes:
•I have swapped out bubble mailers for sturdy flip top cardboard boxes
•I am now filling these boxes with aesthetically on brand shredded paper
•Instead of using plastic sleeves to protect small items, I have made my own little recycled paper bags which I designed, printed, cut, and glued myself
•Making my packaging/backing boards out of recycled card stock
•I am investigating alternatives to the plastic sleeves to package items like greeting cards and Tiny Tatts

I still have some wrinkles that I'm trying to iron out:
•I did buy a lot of those plastic sleeves in bulk from my old suppliers which I am still getting through. It makes less sense to simply bin them instead of use them all up
•The stock that I have manufactured overseas often comes to me in individual plastic bags, not unlike the ones your favourite herb is sold in. I have no use for these, so I'm trying to figure out how I can dispose of them myself but also send them off on a new journey, perhaps to someone who sells said herb. Just kidding. No, really, what do I do with these bags?
•I also purchased bulk packing tape which is plastic and I am not enjoying using it, but it wasn't cheap so therefore again makes less sense to bin it in favour of purchasing a paper or cellophane tape
•Tiny Tatts purchased from my gumball machine come in plastic capsules, and I cannot find any alternatives at this time
•My mugs come to me in plastic bags. I am not going to bin them as that would be wasteful. Instead, I'm shipping the mugs to my customers wrapped in those same plastic bags

Thank you for your patience with me as I slowly swap out all of my old packaging to new, eco friendly packaging.

If you'd like to help speed up the process, please feel free to purchase a lot of items from my online store so that I may get through the plastic sleeves sooner!

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

À bientôt bbys,

Natalie xox