Greater Skies Motel Keychain

You'll feel sky high with this little beauty!
This one is especially close to my heart because I grew up close to the airport and considered myself a motel and shuttle service for my friends lol. 
Go on holiday every single day with the Greater Skies Motel Keychain! 
This happy lil plane on beautiful blue is sure to make your handbag/pocket/fingers at least 20% more fun! 

•Approx. 4cm x 9cm (~1.5" x 3.5") 
•UV printing is highly durable and should stand up to the daily knocks and drops of life 
•Super limited quantities available 
•Backing card is 100% recycled paper and keychain is hand sewn on by moi 
•Made in Hong Kong 
•Illustrated by moi (obviously)
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